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Organic Date Paste is one of those alluring substance that keeps your lip smacking for more without blowing up the calorie count and blood sugar range. Date pastes are being used with much success in all types of recipes ranging from appetizers to desserts. Whether its chopped and put on an arugula salad or baked into a delicious date muffin, all over the world, chefs use to Organic Date Paste to complement a variety of menus. This naturally sweet desert treat is also used to produce various food products like cubes, syrup, spreads, liquid sugars, sugar powder, alcohols and pastes.

Organic Date Paste is an important organic product of the date palm fruit. Date spread, date syrup and date liquid sugar are the other forms of the same. According to geographical and economical conditions, date is a major agricultural commodity of the dry lands especially the Gulf countries. It is a fruit of the date palm and look dark reddish brown, oval, and about 1 1/2 inches long. The date skin is wrinkled and coated with a sticky, waxy film. Organic Date Paste is a form of date juice concentrate. It is basically a condensed product made out of date extracts with the help of water evaporation. However, it is highly important to be sure that how much ‘organic’ is the Organic Date Paste you are buying and consuming. The concern aggravates from the research results, which has shown that 40% of all cancer is diet-related, and much of it can be linked to the chemicals we ingest in our food and water. To produce a 100%, date garden owners ensure that natural fertilizers are used to enrich the sandy soil and let the tree ripen the date to the fullest extent possible. Dates grow in clusters below the fronds on a date palm tree and most owners prefer to handpick the dates by clearing out the thorny leaves. When the dates reach their full sweetness and flavor, they are de-seeded and boiled in water with other components to prepare Organic Date Paste. This requires adequate characterization of the chemical composition and textural properties of dates so that the nutrient value of the resultant Organic Date Paste is not diminished. Due to the pectin, dietary fiber and syrupy substance of date, Organic Date Paste can find a plethora of applications as a thickener or gelling agent in processed foods, i.e., confectionery products, jams, table jellies, soft cheeses, yoghurts, etc.

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